Protected Species Survey, Legislation & Mitigation

We are experienced at surveying sites to confirm the presence or absence of a range of protected species, and can give you advice which will enable you to move forward with your project in compliance with current UK/Scottish legislation.

We can give advice for a range of species, including those listed in the menu below.

We recommend that survey be carried out early in the life of your project so that in the event of a protected species being present on your site, a solution can be discussed and agreed in good time to allow your development to progress on schedule. We have extensive experience with the licensing process, and should a licence be required we can progress the application on your behalf with Scottish Natural Heritage.

Some kinds of survey for certain species can be restricted to specific times of year and we can advise on survey timings. It should also be noted that survey for European Protected Species (e.g. bats, otter, wildcat) cannot form part of a suspensive planning condition and that their presence or absence must be determined prior to planning permission being granted.