At Direct Ecology we are expert in designing and implementing mitigation strategies for a wide range of protected species. We have experience of implementing mitigation strategies such as:

  • Overseeing badger and otter fencing erection on road schemes
  • Exclusion and destruction of badger setts, and creation of artificial setts
  • Destruction of otter holts, and creation of artificial holts
  • Exclusion and destruction of bat roosts, and alternative roost provision
  • Loft design for bat roosts for a variety of bat species
  • Installation of bat boxes, both on trees and on or within buildings
  • Relocation of species (e.g. amphibians, reptiles, freshwater pearl mussel) to alternative or newly created habitats
  • Creation of alternative habitat, including wild-flower grassland, wetland areas and hedgerows
  • Recommendations for BREEAM habitat mitigation and enhancement

In addition, we regularly make mitigation recommendations that can be incorporated throughout the various stages of a project. This includes methods such as:

  • Pre-works monitoring and survey of key ecological features
  • Timing of works at certain times of day and/or year
  • Best practice measures during construction, such as the use of buffer zones
  • Incorporation of existing ecological features, which can often contribute towards local planning priorities
  • Final design of features and landscape to maintain and enhance ecological provision