Badgers are found in a wide variety of habitats including urban areas, so many potential development sites may require a badger survey. Badgers and their setts are fully protected under UK law. A licence may be required prior to development in the following situations:

  • Works are planned within 30-100m of a sett
  • It is intended to exclude badgers from a sett
  • It is intended to destroy a sett

Direct Ecology are experienced in badger survey, bait marking, licence application, sett exclusion, sett destruction, establishment of exclusion zones under licence, and artificial sett design and construction. Our staff can undertake licence applications on your behalf and provide advice on the timings of works. We regularly work with clients to produce Badger Protection Plans tailored to their project.

Our Director holds a badger development licence that permits certain works (when appropriate conditions are met) without the need for a licence application.  We can also provide an Ecological Clerk of Works to oversee the process, to advise on the methods being used, and to ensure adherence to planning and licence conditions.