Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)

Construction site supervision can be crucial to the success of ecological mitigation measures and minimization of ecological impact, and can be a planning condition for larger development sites. On-site guidance can be provided to contractors to ensure full legal compliance for protected species and habitats, and to ensure compliance with all planning conditions.

If required, a toolbox induction talk and notes can be provided for sites that do not require more extensive supervision, but where there is still a need to highlight potential ecological issues.

An ECoW supplied by Direct Ecology will recommend the latest best practice techniques, while listening to the client and recommending common sense and practical solutions. We will endeavour to ensure that sensitive ecological issues on your site are identified early and managed according to best practice guidelines, whilst recognising the need for you to progress with your development to required timescales.

We have previously supplied an ECoW to a number of construction projects including hydro-electric schemes, wind farm sites, construction and road-building projects.  See the Recent Projects page for an ECoW case study.