Almost any site may need a bird survey, including urban locations as well as areas of semi-natural habitat. Direct Ecology can undertake breeding bird survey, wintering bird survey and vantage point survey, all of which are required for a variety of development sites such as on-shore wind farms, overhead power-lines, quarries and housing developments. Direct Ecology has experience of bird surveys on these types of project throughout Scotland, including winter and summer bird survey work.

We offer fully licensed survey for Schedule 1 birds with enhanced statutory protection such as barn owls, and species specific survey for raptors (e.g. peregrine falcon and osprey), wintering wildfowl and black grouse.

Direct Ecology can also undertake collision risk assessment for wind farm sites, and should a development potentially affect a Special Area of Protection (SPA), we can provide information to inform a Habitat Regulations Appraisal and Appropriate Assessment.