St Crispin’s School

Direct Ecology undertook the Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and an assessment for BREEAM with regards to the proposed construction of new school buildings on the site of the former Burdiehouse Primary School.  The site was of note for being surrounded by a Local Nature Reserve, and the habitats within the site were noted for the mixture of scrub, standing water, grassland and rubble, all of which contributed to the ecological complexity of the site.

The proposals were assessed with regards to the BREEAM Land Use and Ecology credits, and recommendations made for the incorporation of features (where possible) and enhancement opportunities within the proposed development.  As a result, a biodiverse green roof was proposed and approved for the new buildings, which will be designed with wildlife in mind and to contribute towards local priorities.  The planting scheme was developed by the landscape architect, with ecological recommendations made to increase the value of the scheme, for example through the incorporation of several native species in new hedges.  Plant species that were recommended were chosen with the additional support needs of the pupils borne in mind.