Peat Depth and Condition Assessment

Direct Ecology has recently been involved with a number of peat depth and condition assessments, informing land management plans, planting proposals and peatland restoration projects across Scotland. Surveys are carried out in accordance with the survey methodology from Peatland ACTION. Using geological mapping, aerial imagery and extensive peat depth and condition assessments on the ground, Direct Ecology has been able to identify areas of deep peat important for carbon storage and assess the condition of these peatlands. Recommendations have been made on areas suitable for restoration and how this can be achieved, as well as advising on which areas would be more suitable for planting. Measures recommended have included the reprofiling of hags and gullies to reduce erosion, blocking drains to improve bog hydrology and non-disruptive planting methods when planting on soils containing peat. Given the value of Scotland’s peatlands for combatting the climate crisis and in contributing to Scotland’s green recovery and net-zero emissions by 2045, Direct Ecology is proud to be assisting clients with increasing the carbon retention of their land, whilst also identifying appropriate opportunities for woodland creation.